Virtual/Desktop Terminal & Gateway Solutions  
Allowing your business to accept payment solutions virtually from anywhere.  Our cloud-based, gateway hosted virtual and desktop payment solutions allow you more than payment acceptance, but more like transaction management.  It gives you more control and flexibility than any stand-alone solution on the market today.  With the desktop software, you can connect encrypted hardware to the network or PC, via USB, allowing you to accept card transactions in the form of magnetic stripe, EMV/Chip cards, NFC (near field communication, such as Apple & Android Pay) as well as signature capture.  This also includes ACH Debit, Recurring Billing, Card Safe (tokenization), Bill Pay and more!

Credit Card Processing  Providing your business the ability to accept the most popular method of payment today.  Card Processing gives your business 24-48 hour funding and an overall increase in sales.  Payment card acceptance, includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and more.  (Other card payment types include Debit Cards, Purchasing Cards, Fleet Cards, and International Cards).  Offering credit card processing to your customers, gives them additional payment flexibility aside from cash & checks.

Mobile Payments/eCommerce  Offering your business, payment acceptance by mobile phone or tablet (with or without the use of a card reader).  Signatures are captured and receipts are emailed effortlessly.  Additionally, payment acceptance can be linked to your website, for customers to make payments quickly and securely.  eCommerce can be in the form of a shopping cart, form fields, bill pay and invoicing.  Mobile payments and eCommerce solutions provide innovative ways for your customers to pay and for you to increase revenues.

Loyalty, Marketing & Business Analytics  Delivering user-friendly marketing and campaign tools for instantaneous delivery of customer promotions and incentives (via email, text and social media).  Using a web-interface or portal, you can send out offers, register customers for loyalty, apply special promotions and track the results.  Upon purchase, customers can accrue and redeem points (discounts) to encourage higher visit frequency and an increase in ticket size.  Having the ability to encourage sales with technology, can increase spend by 40%.

Check Guarantee / ACH Processing Providing check payment acceptance with or without guarantee, allows your business to process check more effectively and more securely.  Solutions such as ACH (Recurring) Electronic Check Conversion, Check on Delivery, Future Deposit/Hold Checks, Remote Deposit Capture, Business Office Conversion and Check (Accounts Receivable) Collections provide all of the solutions your business will need.

Point-of-Sale Software & Hardware  Accepting payments through the form of either software and/or hardware is necessary for capture, processing and security.  Such solutions include web or software based Virtual or Online Terminals with mag-stripe card readers, check readers, pin-pads, signature capture devices, printers and more.  Other POS systems are full solutions that encompass inventory, customer data and more.

Security (PCI Compliance) Providing “secure” payment acceptance is extremely important and should be taken very seriously by every merchant.  PCI-DSS compliance is absolutely necessary to protect your customers’ sensitive card holder data and to ensure your business is safe from breech or compromise.  Payment gateway and hardware solutions provide data encryption and tokenization for the utmost in security.  (All businesses should register PCI Compliance with a registered agency).

Technology Solutions  Offering cloud-based business tools that include voice over IP phone solutions with mobile app, business-class email and data storage with file sync technology.  These business products are crucial to work efficiency from anywhere, connecting to your office, wherever you go.


Account Management  Providing hands-on, personal implementations, 24/7 support via email, business optimization, consulting and user management.  These solutions alone allow you to communicate with a real person that you can trust, that knows your business and the best way to help you succeed.